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Weather Information, Service Unavailable

Grandstream customers are reporting the weather information on their phones is no longer available.  The weather information on the main display is missing on some models and displaying the error "Service Unavailable" on other models.   

The weather information for Grandstream phones was provided by Yahoo Weather API free of charge as a public service.   The weather API was easy to understand, easy to use, reliable and contained a unified worldwide source of data.   

In 2017 Verizon Media (owned by Verizon Communications) purchased Yahoo!.  The Yahoo! product is now run by a branch of Verizon's advertising company called Oath.   On Thursday, January 3, 2019 Verizon Media announced the Yahoo Weather API will no longer be available to the public.   Anyone accessing this data without a license will receive the error message Service Unavailable (as displayed on the Grandstream phones).  

Grandstream is aware of the problem and working on a possible resolution.  There is no ETA on a resolution. 

The weather display on the Grandstream GXP style phones is a unsupported feature.  Helix Telecom does not publish weather display information as a feature on our website, documentation or data specification sheets.   For this reason Helix Telecom is deferring to Grandstream for a resolution.   

Helix Telecom released a firmware update to all affected models on Saturday, January 26 2019.   The reason for this update is to allow Helix Telecom to update all Grandstream GXP model phones quickly if a resolution becomes available.  

Any customers who have questions should reply below or visit and choose one of the available support options.
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