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Call Recordings Repository Outage

Helix Telecom's Automatic Call Recording storage repository is undergoing emergency maintenance.  The reason is our monitoring system detected an integrity failure of the Automatic Call Recording storage system.   Due to the volume of data stored on the ACR storage system the integrity check may take as long as one day.  

All calls recorded during the outage are queued and delivered to the Automatic Call Recording system when the system becomes available.   There is no indication at this time any data has been lost as a result of this precautionary maintenance.   Our staff will post an update when access to the Automatic Call Recording system has been restored and all call recordings are available for download.


  • Our engineers are still working to restore the Automatic Call Recording portal.    Call Recordings continue to be queued.  If an Authorized User on your account needs a specific call recording please submit a ticket including the estimated date, time, time zone and phone number dialed or Caller ID of the call.  Our engineers will be happy to try emailing you the recording.

    We have no ETA at this time on recovery of the Automatic Call Recording portal.  
  • The server responsible for storing all call recordings has failed.  A replacement has been ordered and is scheduled to be installed between May 9th and May 10th. 

    The process for recovering data from the failed server is ongoing and expected to take several weeks.  We will post additional details when they become available. 
  • Our staff has completed restoration of the Automatic Call Recording server and synchronizing all pending recordings to the new server.  

    The failure was caused by a corrupted hardware raid controller on the storage server's disk array.  Our monitoring system detected the failure and attempted to migrate as much data from the server as possible but all of the recovered data was unusable.  The recovery process continues and may take several weeks but our expectation is no data will be recovered during this process. 

    Customers who maintain backups and would like them restored or have questions should visit and submit a ticket.  Our Helpdesk Department will be happy to assist you.

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