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Bug Fix on Per Line Plan Customers

Helix Telecom offers customers 2 calling plans.   The calling plans are Per Phone (unlimited lines) and Per Line (unlimited phones).   The Per Line plan is a legacy plan not offered to customers except on special orders.     

During a routine audit Helix Telecom staff detected an error in our call routing logic allowing customers on the Per Line plan to receive an unlimited number of incoming calls.   This bug has been patched to properly count and enforce call limits for customers on the Per Line plan.   This patch was applied on New Years Day to limit the number of customers who may be impacted.

Customers who are on the Per Line plan and using more lines than their plan allows will receive an error stating the channel has not been assigned before the call is disconnected.  If you have questions please contact the Sales Department during normal business hours by visiting and clicking the CONTACT US link at the top.   If you would like to add additional lines to an existing account please contact the Helpdesk Department by visiting and choosing from one of the available support options for assistance.

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