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One-Way Audio

Helix Telecom has received multiple reports from customers of one-way audio on incoming calls.  The problem appears to be upstream,  originating from the Public Switch Telephone Network and is limited to local numbers only.  We are in the process of investigating the issue with other carriers to identify the source of the problem.


  • edited September 2017
    We have identified the cause of the problem and implemented a temporary workaround.  We have also contacted the Internet Service Provider responsible for resolving the issue.   We hope to have more information shortly. 
  • We are aware of reports that our workaround does not address all of our customer's concerns.   The problem has been traced to a Verizon Business fiber connection cut and Verizon has advised us they are working to resolve the problem. 
  • Verizon is unable to provide us an ETA for a resolution to repair.   For this reason we are in the process of migrating all customers to a new data center.   This process will be invasive and lead to a temporary loss of service.   We will post more information as it becomes available.
  • We have moved all customers with account numbers beginning with 200 and we believe those customers are working.   Other customers will follow shortly.   We are anticipating a complete loss of connectivity during the migration. 
  • Our staff was in the process of moving all of our servers when Verizon notified us the fiber repairs were completed.   They are still testing the repairs and slowly restoring service.  We will need a few more minutes to see if the repairs hold and the problem is resolved.   
  • Customers with account numbers beginning with 200 have been restored to the previous DC.   Our staff finished duplicating all the servers to the new location and we will keep these servers ready for the remainder of the day in case the Verizon fiber repairs exhibit additional issues.   

    We will respond to all customers who submitted tickets.   Due to the 1000+ tickets we received it will be impossible to respond individually to every customer.   For this we sincerely apologize because we do appreciate everyone's patience.   

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