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Voicemail Service Migration

Helix Telecom has received a number of complaints from customers about the long delay between the point of time when a caller finishes leaving voicemail on their mailbox and the actual delivery of the voicemail transcription to their email or mobile device.   Of course if we disable voicemail transcription then the recording is delivered instantly but without the transcription.    

The voicemail transcription is currently managed by a Canadian company.  The API is accurate but very slow (requiring about 5 seconds for each 1 second of voicemail).   In some cases a voicemail is too long to be transcribed within the confines of the API specification.

For these reasons we will be completing a "blind beta test" of the new transcription API during the next 1-2 weeks.   A "blind beta test" means only some customers will be migrated to the new API and we will not disclose if your account was migrated.  This will help us determine if any complaints we receive are legitimately related to the new API or just a perceived change in the service due to this announcement.

If you are unhappy with the voicemail transcription timing or accuracy during the next 30 days please open a ticket.   We will check to see if your account is using the new API, the length of time required to send the recording and accuracy of the recording.  Based on the volume of feedback we will decide to continue or end the beta test.  

Customers should remember the voicemail transcription service is used by a number of Helix Telecom staff members (who will be migrated) and the service is free to all customers upon request.   Voicemail-to-email transcription is inherently unreliable due to the nature and complexity of the human voice.   Our goal is to simply strike a balance between quality, speed and value that meets everyone's needs without raising rates.  

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