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Dual DC Service - Backup Service

Helix Telecom's historical average, annual up-time is above 99.99%. This up-time does not include internal customer connectivity issues, ISP outages affecting customer's ability to reach Helix Telecom services or outages on the Public Switch Telephone Network.

Helix Telecom customers are welcome to signup for Helix Telecom Dual DC Service beginning April 1, 2017. This feature offers customers an estimated average annual up-time above 99.996%. This is accomplished by providing customers automatic fail-over to a redundant data center during a Helix Telecom outage. The fail-over process usually takes between 90 seconds and 2 minutes from the initial failure to restored functionality.

Customers are welcome to read more about this new service by visiting and looking for information at the bottom of the page.


  • Helix Telecom has eliminated the Dual DC Service on June 15, 2017 due to low enrollment.  Customers currently using the service will remain unaffected until January, 2019.  

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